In the rush to pack boxes, book the moving company, schedule inspections and closing, here are a few things you’ll want to include on your must-have moving checklist to make your change of address go a little smoother! The LaBuda Team knows that moving is a stressful time, and these tasks can get lost in the effort to empty one house and prepare the next. Let us know if you find a task we should add!


Things to wrap up before leaving the old home:

¬ Cancel utilities and services. This can be done in advance, with your closing date as the endpoint. If you’re moving from one part of Central Ohio to another, services like cable and internet can follow you to your new home. Others, such as electric, water, and lawn care may be regional and need simple cancellation. Let your REALTOR know what your end date is, so they can let the new owners/landlord know, to prevent service interruptions. 

¬ Are you moving your appliances? Schedule a plumber to disconnect the gas and water lines to your stove and refrigerator, so they’re ready to move. 

¬ Fill out change of address forms at the U.S. Postal Service website and go to magazine and newspaper websites to file a change of address, as these publications are not forwarded. 

¬ Send change of address cards for friends and family to update your contact information. Don’t forget to add your email address to the cards if that is changing, too!

¬ Let your Insurance Agent know that you’re moving, so your coverage will follow you through your move and into your new home. 

¬ If your children are changing schools, make sure to let the old schools know and request a records release so that their records can be sent to the new schools. 

¬ Notify your place of worship of your move and collect any religious records that need to follow you to your new place of worship (baptismal records, religious instruction records, etc.).

¬ Notify doctor, dentist, lawyer, and other professionals that you are moving. Arrange a transfer of records if needed. 

¬ If you’re changing states, you may want to order extra copies of birth certificates while the Vital Records office is nearby.

¬ Take care of banking, requesting checks with the new address or preparing to close accounts in your old city or state. 

¬ Arrange for keys and garage door openers to be exchanged with the new owners. 


Things to do to get the new home ready for you:


¬ Arrange services and utilities in your new home. Check with your REALTOR so that you don’t experience service interruptions on utilities and security systems. Not sure who to use for services such as lawn care in your new neighborhood? The LaBuda Team can help!

¬ Schedule a plumber to connect gas and water lines to your appliances if you’re moving them or purchasing new. While there, have him/her check the pilot lights on gas water heaters and furnaces, to ensure they’re in working order. 

¬ Change your address on your driver’s license at the BMV or apply for an Ohio driver’s license if you’re moving from another state. 

¬ While you’re at the BMV, check to see if you need to re-register your vehicles, get new county stickers, or purchase Ohio plates. 

¬ Register to vote with your new address. You’ll need to do so at least 30 days before an election to vote in that election.

¬ Register children in their new schools. 

¬ Join a new place of worship.

¬ Set up your new bank accounts if you need them and start using your new checks and securely discard your old ones. 

¬ Obtain and post a list of emergency numbers near your landline phone, where you charge your cell phones, and in a common area such as the kitchen. Let children know where to find these numbers. 

¬ Locate new doctors, dentists, and specialists. 

¬ Create a new emergency plan and evacuation meet-up spot and practice with your family. 

¬ Change the locks on your new home for added security. 

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